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The Big 5 Book publishers used to take out full page newspaper ads -with the unwritten code that newspapers would force their writers to write “glowing reviews” of the big 5 latest book release. Now that newspapers are not being read as much, the old marketing styles are not working. And since BN was taking payola to have big publisher book posters in windows and their book covers facing out… and since BN profits have tanked, the Old promo Model seems to not be working for the Mega Corp. Big 5 publishers — In chess I think that is called, Check, or perhaps even Checkmate… the future will tell…

Authors At Work

Authors At Work


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Book News: Want to be an Author? Find out here what to expect and how to make your own decisions about your $ Author Journey. Thank you Hugh #Howey and Data Guy for bringing this Book News to the light of day. Here now is the rest of the story: http://authorearnings.com/the-tenured-vs-debut-author-report/0693TypewriterA_6x9TransparentGif